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Did you know? Georgia Tech Internship Program (GTIP) is available to students in any major.

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We’re here to help students find real-world, paid work experience at companies throughout metro Atlanta, the United States and the world during their undergraduate and graduate studies.  Whether a student wants to design the next sports car, do business analysis for a leading financial services company, test aircraft engines, or develop materials for cutting-edge biomedical devices, they can do it now!  They can work for an entrepreneurial start-up company in metro Atlanta, a government agency in Washington DC, or a nationally-renowned Fortune 500 Company in Silicon Valley or even Shanghai.   
The Georgia Tech Division of Professional Practice (DoPP) consists of four unique programs – Undergraduate Cooperative Education, Graduate Cooperative Education, Georgia Tech Internship Program (GTIP), and Work Abroad Programs. 

More than 3,000 Georgia Tech students currently participate in the four separate DoPP Programs, all of which are voluntary. DoPP co-op students and interns are employed by more than 1,000 businesses and organizations worldwide.

We are proud to be home of the fourth oldest cooperative education program in the United States begun in 1912.  The Undergrad Co-op Program is designed to be started freshman or sophomore year, while the GTIP Program serves the employment needs of juniors and seniors. Masters and Doctoral Candidates participate in the Grad Co-op Program, and juniors, seniors and graduate students are all eligible for the Work Abroad Program.

Our alumni frequently tell us that their co-op or internship experience was one of the most influential and educational components of their time at Georgia Tech. 

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